Brief History

21 Manley Gardens, Brigg, DN20 8LW


We purchased this property in November 2012, primarily for its location by The Old River Ancholme in Brigg. It was a typical 1954 small 3 bedroom detached property that had sadly been neglected for some time. 

The Plan

Rebecca and Steve wanted to create a home that was low maintenance, very energy efficient and easy to live in. The basic concept was an upside down house with the bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. on the ground floor and a fully open plan upstairs living space of approximately 100m². With the kitchen and living area being upstairs, they decided to have a vaulted ceiling facing east with a gable side almost made out of glass overlooking The River Ancholme and the Millennium Green.


We tackled this project from two angles. One was building fabric and utilised the most advanced insulation and glazing products available. In addition, we fitted solar photovoltaic panels on the roof for electrical micro generation, we utilised a Viessmann 242F gas combi/solar thermal energy tower for space and bathing water heating. Finally we installed a Stovax stove solid fuel burner, for additional space heating.


We essentially left the front outer wall of the property as the only original component and built a new two story extension behind it. The original property was an EDP band F and is now a EPC band A+ and almost energy neutral. As well as a lovely space to live  & work in we wanted to create a "live" advertisement for our work. Our clients are welcome to come and see the building and how the technologies combine together to maximise our comfort.