What is Green Deal?

Green deal is a UK government scheme designed to enable all homeowners and tenants the opportunity to have enrgy saving measures funded via a Green Deal loan which is SAP based (energy) rather than conventionally means tested. The mechanism then lets you pay for some or all of the approved/recommended measures over an agreed period payable via your electricity bill. 

How Does it Work?

For this to work you must:

  1. Have a Green Deal assessment carried out on your home. You will be able to apply for a Green Deal Plan for any of the eligible improvements you plan to install, as recommendd on your assessment.
  2. Get and agree quotes from a Green Deal Provider.
  3. Complete works within three months (six months for solid wall insulation).

4 Things You Need to Know

  1. Look out for the Green Deal Approved quality mark. Only Green Deal Assessors, Providers and Installers can use it. This shows they meet Green Deal standards and are authorised to operate under the Green Deal.
  2. The repayment estimates provided by your GDAR report do not include interest. Only quotes from Green Deal Providers can provide actual costs, including interest.
  3. You can change your mind. You can decide before, during or after an assessment to not proceed with a Green Deal. You may need to pay for the assessment - it's best to check with your Assessor before the appointment.
  4. Your Assessor may offer further assisstance. If your Assessor intends to quote for improvements, or recommend specific products or providers, they will need your permission to do so before the assessment takes place. Some Assessors work with Providers and they will explain this to you.

We always suggest that interested clients independently research Green Deal as it is a complex process and rarely an especially quick one.


The Energy Saving Trust, Carbon Trust, Department of Energy and Climate Change, and The Green Deal Website are all great sources of information. You can also discuss Green Deal with your local authority.


We have several basic information leaflets here for you to request and we will gladly forward them to you.