Many clients are naturally considering upgrading their existing homes to improve the level of comfort they enjoy and reduce ongoing running costs, especially utilising the government sponsored Green Deal. FIT and RHI schemes


Understanding what technologies are most appropriate and cost effective for the home and the homeowner is the key to achieving the best solution. For most existing properties a good standard of efficiency and comfort can be achieved -  perfection however is almost unachieveable, even with a new build.


This again is achieved at looking at the building fabric,the energy consumed within it, and the homeowners/users' behaviours. We will always offer our clients an energy audit whereby we initially evaluate the energy performance of the building as its own entity, how and what energy is currently being used, and then make a series of recommendations. This is again factoring in the clients lifestyle behaviours and capabilities. We will always recommend value for money measures based on independantly provided research data.


Should you wish to discuss this beforehand please feel free to contact us.