The Process of Purchasing a Renewable/Carbon Neutral Technology(ies)

As with most major purchases we all quite correctly take time to evaluate all the relevant technical, financial and environmental information before making any decision to proceed.


We will provide you with all the information you require ensuring your decision is based on fact and not myth/legend. Every home/office/factory/warehouse/building is different, every customer is different and therefore we will ensure the information given is specific to you and your circumstances.


Once we have received your enquiry, we would normally arrange to attend your property and complete a site survey/consultation. At this time we would of course talk you through our findings, such as building structure, building suitability, immediate environmental issues if any, location of proposed equipment and the actual process of physically installing the system(s). We would of course advise there and then as to whether any system is suitable for your premises and respond to any queries/questions you may have at that time, including potential behaviour alterations required.


The next stage will be for us to complete our calculations, design your system, and obtain costs from our suppliers for the appropriate equipment to suit your dwelling/building. In addition we would complete a financial model of the system showing cost, FIT/RHI recovery and overall financial expectation (and recovery of initial cost period) in accordance with MCS requirements using current approved methodology.


Once the quotation has been delivered to you we would of course make ourselves available to run through any details or queries that you may have, and if necessary formally re-write part or all of the quotation to accommodate. At this time we would also talk through The RECC Assurance scheme which is a government scheme to ensure you, the client are fully protected in all aspects from the moment of ordering through to expiration of our comprehensive warranty periods.


Once completed we would prepare a (MCS/RECC) contract including the agreed payment terms and installation date and proceed.


Throughout the installation period our MCS accredited project manager will be on-site ensuring all works are conducted appropriately and completed to the required standards.


Upon completion we will demonstrate the system to you, including turning the system on and off, seting the system to best suit your needs, and how it functions. We will also provide you with a full breakdown of the system specification, all its key component parts, your MCS certificate, your electrical completion certificates, guarantee paperwork and copies of all necessary paperwork for the DNO and energy supplier enabling your claiming of FIT/RHI. Once commissioned we will require you to sign your acceptance of the system and pay the balance of any outstanding monies.


Hopefully, once completed we will not receive any calls from yourselves other than to comment on how pleased you are. In any event approximately 3 months post commissioning we will come and talk to you and ensure that the system is performing as expected and that you, our customer, is fully satisfied.