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Renewable and carbon neutral technologies do not work in the same way as the traditional fossil fuel based systems that we have in society at the moment.


We all need to understand these technologies better and use the science we now have to design them for maximising the benefits to the end users. Comfort in our homes and work places, lower running costs and being environmentally friendly.


Renewable technologies are no longer futuristic gadgets/gizmos for environmentalists. Renewable technologies have genuine currency, both in how they work and the benefits they provide.


We are Here to Help

Our primary function is to make an accurate assessment of your current situation in terms of building fabric, energy use and actual behaviours and then propose a solution most appropriate for you. In some cases that may be a straightforward installation of a single technology, or can require a complex interaction of several technologies/fabric upgrades.


We will always base our recommendations on financial viability as well as practical suitability.


We are qualified system designers and installers of Solar Photovoltaic electric microgeneration systems, Solar Thermal bathing water systems, Air and Ground source heat pump systems, Wet and Dry Solid Fuel systems and of course Biomass. We understand how these various technologies interact with each other and how they provide the most appropriate outcome.


In addition to renewable technologies, we have both building services for site/fabric modification and Solid Wall insulation.


On the pages attached we have put together some basic information about each of the technologies and the equipment we utilise. We have also included a section on our own environmental home which we have designed and built. If you would like to talk through any project you may be considering, please feel free to contact us without any initial costs and certainly without any obligations.


Our expertise and knowledge bases are extensive but we will never claim to know everything there is to know. But if we don’t know, we will find it out!!