Buildings need to reflect, not only the physical energy design performance in their own right, but enable the home owners to achieve their desired lifestyle affordably.


The current build process for an architect is to design a dwelling & then propose the plans/concept to the local authority planning department for approval. Once passed, the project is subsequently presented to the local authority building control department for building regulation approval (permission to start the build). This is currently the point where building control considers the energy performance of the proposed building before approving the build start date. 


We generally advise clients and architects alike, to consider running baseline FSAP calculations before presenting it to LA planning and LA building control. This process will ensure that the project will not require major modifications later on due to poor design of space and water heating systems.


Some designs have incorporated renewable technologies but due to lack of knowledge these have proven to be totally unworkable in practical terms and have required major redesigns and incurred heavy unnecessary costs.


Planing well beforehand will save a lot of angst/costs at later stages.


All new build projects must now meet the new Part L (06/04/2014) stringent building fabric and energy performance targets. This FSAP process has an entire new standard to comply. Our OCDEA qualified team and renewable experts are available to advise.